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Road Bike Wheel Aviator RC-1 Carbon Grey
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Update date 2024-04-10 16:13
Responsiveness and light weight available for Climbing and Multi-performance
The most demanding riders need a Climbing and Long Traveling Wheel System that can be: strong, light weight, aerodynamic, comfortable, durable, Lateral Stiffness, Andoza Aviator RC-1 brings all this characteristics together and making it as Good and Right Wheels choice for climbing up and down road and long traveling riders.
1.    Seamless SEWT Process:
Rim joint Channel is special seamless by our exclusive Seamless SEWT Process.  
Benefits from Seamless SEWT Process:
1.     Strength of the seamless rim up to 90% at the weak point seam vs. 60% on seam rims, such as pin-joint rim, pin sleeve rims and fake welded rims.
2.     Delivery more stiff and more efficient for instant acceleration and steering precision
3.     Eliminate shuddering when braking, especially on the weak point seam.
4.     Easier wheel building for a more balanced wheel set
5.     Higher coefficient of friction for a powerful braking
6.     Enhance the overall Strength and Lateral tensile Strength.
7.     Strengthen the Elastic Force of the rims.
2.    SBC Process: Smooth Braking Control
The Braking walls of the rim are milled with a diamond point on a digitally controlled machine process before or after assembly and anodizing.
1.     Elimination of shuddering when braking due to perfectly braking surfaces milling.
2.     Easier wheel building for a more balanced wheel set.
3.     Provide more powerful braking and steering.
4.     Delivery more comfort riding.
3.    FSW Process (Flat Side Walls Process) + Wind Guide Grooves.
Flat Side walls process created wind guide grooves on the Side walls of rims, This FSW process energized airflow and re-attaches it to the aerodynamic surface, effectively reducing aerodynamic drag; This Process also provides significant improvement in handling, Weight reduced and especially for the lateral stiffness.
4.    Carbonized Hard -Wear Resistant Process:
The Carbonized hard-Wear Resistant process produces superior hardness and denseness, it increases the micro finish 2-5 times of stiffness deep into the inside of alloy itself and these technologies increases the wear resistance and extends the life of Aluminum  alloy rims, it makes rims that are more durable. unique , It allows our digital machine milling tiny wind-guide grooves into the rim itself.
   This exclusive Carbonized Hard-Wear Resistant process increasing braking friction and smooth and quiet braking performance with short Braking distance . Carbonized Hard-Wear Resistant rims don’t require any special brake pads. The increasing stiffness also increasing brake-track life, and decreases the chance of hairline cracks at the spoke outlets.