Sumo Technology Corp. 鼎越科技股份有限公司


      We are a new name but have long history in the Bike Industries since 1980.  We design and manufacture Seamless alloy rims and CNC alloy hubs for the crucial process and procedures. 
      We do all the things and technologies about wheels, from Alloy Extrusion, CNC Digital Machining and Carbonized Hard-Wear Resistant process, Hand-Crafted High Polish process,Hand-Building Wheels... all done in Andoza base.  In other words, Andoza Crafts is all made-in house.
What is Our Missions and Targets
      We have a very clear missions and targets--to make the most advance, stylish and durable alloy wheels system for customers. Our goal is to provide 3S (Safety, Speed, and Style).This is also our passion which energizes us to make the perfect customised with hand-built wheels and products to cater the needs of different bike riders.
What is the different between Andoza wheels from others?
      While many other famous brands are outsourcing their wheels and parts from all different factories, Andoza Crafts do everything in-house.  From taking the best raw materials for extrusion, utilizing our top of the line Machineries to help our hand built Process, accompanying with our own design and manufacturing hubs and spokes to assemble the final wheels sets. All are done by us. In which we guarantee all the detail process and procedures in best quality and excellent condition.
      Being also riders of the bike, we understand most riders’ needs and the pursuing for perfection. That is the reason we keep inventing and pushing ourselves in developing new technology and craftsmanship to put everything the best in the wheel sets. Although this is much costly and time consuming, we strongly believe customers have the rights to use the best materials and technology while riding.
Aesthetics & Customization
      In addition to Technologies, another important focal point of Andoza wheels is the aesthetics of the wheels. From our unique design of the ultra high strength 7075 Alloy  CNC precision machining hubs  with hand-crafted high polish process, and our secret weapon of high strength seamless alloy rims, we also provide many custom made options. For example, we provide almost unlimited color options for the rims and hubs also nipples. We believe riders have own styles and tastes.
       In-house designing and advanced manufacturing with hand-made process allows us to produce and assemble all the beautiful and durable design of Key Components to make unique stylish custom made wheels. Although it takes more time and complicate procedures for the fandoza base, but again, we just want to provide the unique stylish-- the perfect wheels to the riders.
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